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Passion and Drive Combined with Business Savvy

Most likely the first things you’ll notice about Jennifer Seidelman are her voice and her energy. She is short in stature and makes up for it with a boisterous voice and dynamic, high energy personality. As the founder and President of Total Success Strategies, Jennifer has a passion and drive to help individuals and businesses define what success means to them rather than accepting someone else’s notion of success. Then she draws on her leadership, business, sales, marketing, coaching and training background to partner with them to reach their desired success in business and in life. With over 20 years experience as a business owner, Jennifer has a proven background of helping others grow personally and professionally while they turn their ideas into reality. She combines her tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit with practical business and coaching skills to partner with her clients in achieving their goals.

Jennifer grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset. She understands the dedication and drive it takes to start a business because as a child, she watched her parents launch a successful business and also worked in that business. Throughout high school and college, Jennifer worked for both small, independently owned businesses and large companies giving her a taste of both worlds. She went on to earn her MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurial Management which she put to use as a Product Manager for a mid-size privately held corporation and then as a Marketing Manager for two start-up companies. In 2001 she launched her real estate business and also owned a real estate brokerage from 2009 to 2014. In 2007, she launched Total Success Strategies and began coaching and consulting in the real estate industry. She has since broadened her scope to include small business owners and leaders in a variety of industries.

Over the past decade, Jennifer has loved the challenge of developing curriculums for new and experienced real estate agents. She has trained business owners in all aspects of sales, management, regulatory issues, contracts, business systems, marketing and recruiting. Jennifer has also developed and run successful in-house coaching programs for two large real estate offices. She’s worked with individuals to launch businesses, go through career changes and get unstuck in their existing business.

Jennifer combines her fresh insight and passion for training and coaching with honesty, integrity and knowledge to deliver results to her clients. She believes that coaching is not “life” or “business” coaching because the two are not mutually exclusive. What is happening in one will show up in the other. Jennifer’s perceptive nature allows her to see the potential in others. She is her clients’ biggest cheerleader. Jennifer holds her clients accountable to themselves, yet she accepts them for who they are and where they are at now, holding the space for her clients to explore their own dreams. Although her clients value her experience, what they love about Jennifer is her dedication to them, her straightforward, yet kind, “tell it like it is” style and her passion for life. And of course they love her ability to have fun with a laugh that is sincere, heart-felt, deep and contagious especially when she’s laughing at herself…which she does easily and often.

Praise from Our Clients


As my coach, Jennifer made sure that I had planned out my goals and made sure that my actions are accountable and trackable. Her selfless and hard work to help agents achieve success can be seen in the agents’ production and attitude.

-Johnny H., Insurance Agent & Real Estate Broker


Jennifer has set me up for success by training me to think differently, to approach situations differently, and to lead with confidence. Anyone who is self-employed knows the overwhelming challenges this presents. I know having Jen’s assistance to navigate the waters is a crucial part of why I can proudly say I’m finding success. I feel deep gratitude for Jen’s dedication to her craft; for gifting me with the priceless tools to use on this journey.

-Kit D., Personal Concierge Service


The great thing about Jennifer is that she doesn’t let us get away with any s**t. She’s pretty good about asking tough questions and leading us to self-discover what we need to be doing. And usually we know what we need to be doing.

-Ted T., Real Estate Broker

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